By joining GS1 Saudi Arabia, you get a unique identification system that can save money and add value throughout your business.


GS1 Saudi Arabia is an unrivalled authority for providing GS1 International barcodes for local market


The BarCodes and GS1 Identification have provided benefits to consumers around the world for over 30 years.


GS1 KSA offer wide range of services to esteemed member companies,We are currently executing .


GS1 Saudi Arabia (GS1 KSA) proudly started its training centre in 2010. It is a crucial and important part of our barcode awareness campaign.


GS1 Saudi Arabia is operating through the Council of Saudi chambers. Currently we are focusing on the implementation of GS1 standards .

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GS1 international experts together with member throughout the world is working to develop these courses changing requirements of GS1 .

GS1 Global Catalog

GEPIR is a global service specially setup for our esteemed members. It serves as Global yellow pages of the supply chain companies registered with GS1 global network

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Tel: 011-2182421, 011-2182431, 011-2182425
D.Line: 011-2182285
Fax: 011-2182495, 011-2182429

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GS1 KSA offers its consultancy service to all the companies as a neutral organization. We help them in implementing the best solutions and automation .

We set standards. Using unique numbers that are used in barcodes, RFID tags and product data management, we support the world’s supply chains and healthcare systems.

Whether you’re a start-up trading on marketplaces who needs to identify your products, an international retailer managing different channels and routes to market or an NHS Trust striving to improve care delivery, we are here to help.